Cool Party Ideas

Is it your best friend’s birthday next week and you ran out of exciting ideas? Are you worried because you ran out of time for planning something special for your wife on your anniversary? Having difficulties to plan a surprise for your teenage children? Worry not as we have it all covered. Whether it’s a graduation party of your child or simply a unique birthday party for your younger sister, we will help!

We offer unique and cool party ideas you will ever come across. Once you explore our cool party ideas, we ensure that your party will be the best you have ever had. From bachelorette parties to Christmas games ideas, you will find everything that you have looked for and much more!

The theme of the party, decoration and games are only a few things that will make your party worth remembering. There needs to be impressive factor that will make everyone, feel special. Don’t worry we make sure that our party ideas are affordable, less time consuming but more engaging with plenty of images.

Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday parties are the ultimate celebration that occurs once a year. This day, the birthday boy/girl gets the most attention. It’s their day and a great birthday party is a great way to making them feel special. You can make your children feel like kings or queens and give them memories that last a life time. Make the day of your loved one memorable with one of our best birthday party ideas!

Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

Make her twirl like a princess or her favorite super hero. It’s her birthday and she can be anything she wants to be. You need to know what the birthday girl is passionate about in order to give her the birthday of her dreams. If she watches a lot of Disney movies, a Cinderella themed party would be great.¬† If she is more of a super hero type, Wonder Woman themed party. Make sure that her friends get the most out of the party too. The most important part of a girl’s birthday party is the party favors. A little something for the guests to remember the birthday will make it a memorable birthday party.

Top 3 Birthday Party Ideas for Young Girls

Below are a few party ideas;

  1. Cooking Party: For little girls who love to help in the kitchen. Give them a party where they can decorate their own cakes.
  2. Art Party: For creative artistic girls, download printables available online and turn drawing into a party.
  3. Disney Theme Parties: Girls that like to pretend they are princesses and queens, a Disney themed party will be perfect. Make sure that everyone follows the dress code along with you so that your daughter gets the full experience of being a princess.

Birthday party ideas for teens are a little harder than younger girls. They still want parties but not the ones they used to when they were kids.

Top 7 Birthday Party Ideas for Teenage Girls

Below is a list of cool party ideas for teens;

  1. Spa Party: A spa party for any teenage girl would be a perfect gift. What can be better than making her feel beautiful on her special day?
  2. Light up Clothing Party: This will be a hit, imagine a neon glowing birthday party.
  3. Sleepover Party: Nothing beats a sleepover birthday party, having your friends with you when the clock strikes 12 will be a brilliant celebration.
  4. Pool Party: If the weather confirms it, the best way to get into teenager’s heart is swimming and jumping to the pool with their friends.
  5. Weekend Hotel Party: Depending on the hotel and the organization, this can be a memorable getaway with friends.
  6. Beach Party: Where the sun shines and spreads joy and energy. Having a picnic style beach party or a party by a beach house is one of the unforgettable parties.
  7. Scavenger Hunt: This game is for outdoors only and it will help them explore new things and environments with friends, especially in the nature.

Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

A birthday party for your boy should seem like it is his moment to shine. Ideas for birthdays for boys are not easy to find. Below are a few birthday ideas for boys you can try:

  • Train Themed Party
  • Ghostbusters Themed Party
  • Superhero Themed Party
  • Lego Themed Party
  • Sports Themed Party
  • Pirate Themed Party

Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

Birthdays are the best excuse for getting all your loved ones in the same room as you. When we are younger we loved themed parties but as we get older our celebration becomes more about the quality time spent with ourselves along with others.

  1. Make a joint trip: Missed having fun with your old friends? Book yourself and your friends a flight and spend some quality time with them away from all the grown up stuff.
  2. Concert Party: Go see your favorite band play!
  3. Weekend Getaway: Take a getaway to places you have never been before.
  4. Road Trip Party: Your birthday is the best excuse for taking that road trip you have always wanted.
  5. Wine Tour Party: Everyone loves wine tasting parties.
  6. Skydiving: It might seem too extreme but it is a must have experience in a life time, especially for adrenalin lovers.

Bachelorette Party Ideas

The most exciting part of getting married for any bride is her bachelorette party. It is much more than a night out with her girls. They are her last days of enjoying till she finally becomes a Mrs. Bachelorette party planner has to ensure that not only bride but the bride’s maids gets to have a memorable party too. That’s why we have rounded up some of the most favorite bachelorette party ideas for you. For this reason you can have the party you’ve always dreamt of.

13 Bachelorette Party Ideas

  1. Lingerie Shower Bachelorette Party: A new wardrobe of lingerie is all that a new bride needs. Every guest send the bride new lingerie and she will thank you all! It can even turn into a cat walk.
  2. Glow Bachelorette Party: Light it up with a glow bachelorette party. Use neon paints and clothing to create a fun outfit!
  3. Photo Shoot: Hire a photographer for the day and take amazing photographs of all of you.
  4. Retro: Make a collage of the time she was popular at school and all of the previous memories you have had together and make the bride nostalgic. You can put her favorite songs in the background along with some embarrassing photographs.
  5. Girls vs. Boys: Plan a bachelor and bachelorette party together and make the two teams compete.
  6. Spa Day: Treat yourself and your bride maids at spa and get massages and facials. You will end up looking fresh and relaxed for the day of the wedding. Also, give party favors with treats like lotions and nail creams. Spa day bachelorette is great when you have to invite your family along.
  7. Karaoke Night: Celebrate the night away with karaoke. This is one of the most famous activity at bachelorettes.
  8. Burlesque: Go to a burlesque show or better, teach yourself and perform for the bride to be.
  9. Bucket List: Maybe the bride has a list of things she has wanted to do before she gets married. Check the items as many as you can!
  10. Advice for the Bride: Sweet advice from bride’s maids if always wonderful.
  11. Fiesta Night: Fiesta nights are unforgettable.
  12. Costume Party: You can all wear the same costumes for bachelorette party.
  13. Poolside Party: Who wouldn’t enjoy a Tiki cocktail by the pool.


If you are the best man, the groom’s best buddy. This is your only chance to throw him the best night of his life, the bachelor party. Here are some bachelor party ideas that will help you get some ideas.

  1. Road trip: What better way to celebrate than taking a road trip with your best buddies.
  2. Casino night: Hit the casino and hit the jackpot on your special day.
  3. Whiskey Tasting Bachelor Party: Who can say no to a nice whiskey tasting party.
  4. Sky Diving: If you want to do something extreme and more adrenalin, skydiving is a must.


Christmas is one of the most celebrated and important festival that is mainly spent with family and loved ones. It is one event that brings the whole family together and the kids are especially excited about this. The most important factor making your Christmas party memorable is including Christmas games and activities that would engage all your guests. It doesn’t matter who will be coming this Christmas to celebrate with you, whether you have a lot of adults coming or a dozen kids. We have games and activities to keep them engaged all day long!

Before choosing Christmas activities and games you need to assess how many guests will be attending along with the age groups, so that your activities include all of them. You need to keep questions like, how many guests will be there, how many kids will be attending, do they know each other or not, in mind, so that your activities and games are according to that. In case your guests don’t know each other, make sure you have ice breaking games that would get your guests to know each other.


Here is a list of cool party ideas for your Christmas party. From Christmas games to activities that will keep your guest entertained.

  1. Guess the Object: The most fun an exciting game in which your guests are blindfolded and they have to guess each object just by touching them. The one with the most guesses correct wins!
  2. Find Out Who: A great game for breaking the ice between the guests, it is a printable game and is about how fast your guests get to know each other.
  3. Christmas Photo Props: Make your party remembered by making photo props and get each guest photographed.
  4. Christmas Charades: Keep the holiday spirit up by playing the most fun game for all ages.
  5. Christmas Tradition Game: Name the Christmas tradition is one of the games enjoyed by intellectual people, make sure you include this one in your list!
  6. Scavenger Hunt: Make your guests work for their holiday presents, hide them someplace and then give out clues for them to find their gifts!
  7. Name the Christmas Song: Help your guests break the ice by playing this fun game at your Christmas party. The competitive spirit makes everyone active and engaged.
  8. Christmas Karaoke: Get the versions of your favorite holiday songs and sing along with your friends or family. You can also turn it into a competition.
  9. Spoon Race: Make your Christmas sporty by making your guests participate in a race where they have to hold a spoon in their mouth. Include prizes so that you get to see some competitiveness among the guests.
  10. Decorate Christmas Tree: Get the children to help with decorating the Christmas tree and get them creative. You will be surprise to see the artistic side of the kids and how much of a help they can do.
  11. BONUS TIP! Christmas Kid Ideas: Let kids create their own Christmas poems. Give them a paper and a pen and they will come up with pretty creative poems that will be remembered by everyone.


Halloween is more than just kids going from door to door for trick or treat. It’s an event for letting your imagination run wild. Moreover, it’s not only for the kids to enjoy but also for the adults. Candy corn to wild costumes and pumpkin carving to haunted houses. Halloween is an event that offers thrills and chills for everyone. If you are hosting a Halloween party, you should check out our halloween party ideas to make your party delightful. Decorate with black ravens, skeletons and anything creepy that you may find will work. Here are a few cool party ideas and decorations that you can use to up your party game.


  1. Use old wine bottles as candle holders: not will it only look super cool and creepy: it will also recycle you old wine bottles that might have gone in the trash.
  2. Scarecrows: Scare crows are pretty easy and simple to make with just old clothes, pumpkin and hay.
  3. Monster Punch: Make a delightful drink for your guests with a perfect combination of salt and sweet, add gummy bears to this amazing mouth watering drink.
  4. Create Gloomy Drapes: Cheap and inexpensive material can be used to drape around the house that will enhance the spookiness that you are trying to create.


Making decorations and props will make you party cool. But if you want your guests to have memorable night, you need to engage them in some sort of activities and games. Here are a few cool party ideas that will ensure that your guests are talking about your Halloween party for years!

  1. Mystery Murder: What time of the year is better for playing a murder mystery game? The guests can become the character themselves and guess who killed who.
  2.  Halloween Movie Night: Watch halloween horror movies and scare yourself out and enjoy the spirit of Halloween with your loved ones.
  3. Ghost Story Telling: Make circle around a bonfire and tell real ghost stories to one another. This is all time favorite of many people as it sets the mood right and gets everyone creeped out.
  4. Make Your Own Horror Movie: Dress up, write a story and give your guests characters and film a horror movie yourself! This is one of the most fun and engaging activities at Halloween parties. Watch the film at the end of the day, you will be surprised at how much you will enjoy at this.
  5. Tarot Card Reading: Get a tarot card reader or better, print the tarot cards yourself and read the fortune of your guests.

The perfect themed party, the decor, games are only a few things that will make your party worth remembering. Make sure that you go through all ideas and make your party memorable.